RAE Booster Coils

Product Overview

RAE Coils is one of the leading manufacturers of stocked Booster Coils in the United States. With over 61 different sizes in stock (really, on the shelf and ready to go) featuring standard duct flanges or slip and drive casings we can ship your order within 24 hours. Many times, depending on when the order is placed, on the same working day!

Remember to ask for RAE Booster Coils the next time you’re looking for a quality reheat coil that will ship quickly to meet your most urgent requirements and is ARI certified.

Product Literature

Product Details


    • 5/8” O.D. Smooth wall copper tube
    • .020 Tube Wall Thickness
    • .008 Corrugated aluminum plate fin
    • 18 gauge galvanized steel case

    • Standard 1-1/2” duct flange
    • Slip and drive duct flange

    • 61 sizes available from 6” by 6”  to 24” by 48”

    • 2,770 BTUH  to  233,570 BTUH (1 row coils)
    • 6,670 BTUH to  406,480 BTUH (2 row coils)

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